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Initiatives- Building Digital Communities

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Digital Communities

The creative-tech initiative Every Bit Digital is a collaboration between TAPP Digital’s key partners Intersections and BEKO Creative. Our mission is to create virtual communities of practice within the creative-tech industry for Caribbean individuals and businesses, while also educating and developing secure digital environments for all. Through our combined efforts, we aim to foster connections that drive innovation and support creators and businesses in generating long-term value.


Creating Better Digital Experiences for Kids and Families

we teach kids and parents the importance of internet safety through custom developed Multimedia and our platforms

From Massa to the Metaverse is an ongoing series initially conceptualised by our producer Nadine Jack and developed by our Every Bit Digital team, to not just tell the stories of our ancestors, but also uplift the echoes of those unheard voices while amplifying the promising potential of our Bajan youth.